West Coast Guide, Educator, & Advocate


ACMG Guide

Growing up on Vancouver Island exploring its coastlines and deceptively high mountains, Olivier Clements came back to the coast after eight years as a professional musician to help others discover the wild beauty of British Columbia.

Over the past two years, Clements has led groups on backpacking trips through Strathcona Provincial Park to places like Mt Albert Edward, Mt Myra, Cream Lake and Philips Ridge.

In 2018, Olivier Clements was certified as an Assistant Hiking Guide from the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.


As an educator, Olivier Clements has worked extensively with the Strathcona Park Lodge & Outdoor Education Centre to help people of all ages discover their own potential in nature.

Pushing participants beyond their perceived limitations, Clements has helped students learn leadership, team work, and camp skills. Whether it’s rock climbing at Crest Creek, caving at Upana Caves, backpacking throughout Strathcona Park, canoeing on the Sayward Lake loop, or learning s’more techniques around a campfire, Olivier Clements has brought countless students into the backcountry to share his passion for remote and wild places.



Big Tree advocate

For the past four years, Olivier Clements has worked to bring awareness to the issues of old growth logging on Vancouver Island. One of the founding members of the Coastal Trail Collective, Clements has worked to develop and maintain boardwalk and trail networks to help with recreational access in the endangered Central Walbran Valley.

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